2014 Variations

The latest 2014 models of variations that have been reported to be found across the country.

As of 11/14/2014

'99 Mustang (GT) (s2)The silver ’99 Mustang GT with y5 wheels found in 9-packs

Found on short card in the Toys R Us 50 pack is the #226 HW Workshop – Then and Now  mf red Twinmill III with fan5 wheels. This is a transition piece from the Walmart exclusive ZAMAC version.

poppa wheeilie wheelsThe HW Off- Road – HW Daredevils #175 (#87) red Poppa Wheelie with os5 on the ‘front’.

Then there is variation on the 2014 Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R (R-34) (top). The 2013 version has a black plastic wing and the 2014 version has a metal wing.

Ryura LX (b2)The 2014 New Models #5 mf black Ryura LX is showing up with mc5bk/gd-rim. You’ll need good eyes to spot and rare variation is showing up at Target stores.

supra'71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon (b2)

Grille variations continue with smooth or mesh versions showing up in the ’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon and on the 2014 release of the orange Fast & Furious Toyota Supra.

The Ferrari F40 has gone away with the metal base, and opening rear deck lid in the Ferrari 5-pack. This one is an improvement to me. Read the article in this issue of the Newsletter.


Kmart Collectors Day never seems to fail to offer a good variation. The #214 baby blue ’69 Corvette is has been found on the west coast with blue rim mc5.


The HW Workshop – Then and Now #226 ZAMAC Nissan Skyline HT 2000G/T-X comes with or without the roll cage. The roll cage version seems to be the harder and more popular of the two.Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X Var

Check your HW City HW Goal #19 Audacious found quite a few in different dump bins with the soccer ball behind the rear wheel missing the white in the tampo.
It seems two wheel variations of the red #139 Datsun 620 besides the common release
First one is the more common of the two variations it is an all copper mc5.
VARIWHEELSDatson620b_zpsa89ec7b9The second one is an orange rim open 5 spoke (os5bk/or-rim)

An early release of the lt. mf green #226 Twin Mill III has a smooth cooling vent on the sides. The more common version has the grill lines.

The plum ’71 Plymouth Road Runner from the HW Workshop – HW Performance #244 can be found in 9-car Gift-pack with chrome rim mc5 wheels. There are claims of finding this model in blister pack but all the variation collectors we trust only found them in the gift packs.

This HW Workshop – Muscle Mania #231  mf green  ’70 Chevy Camaro RS error piece and wheel variation were found in multi-pack.  Missing side tampo was relatively common with the chrome lip mc5 was rather hard to find.
This 2012 multi-pack wheel variation on the red Faster Than Ever #98 Ford GTX-1 came out around Christmas was one of the harder ones to find and is increasing in value.
Ford GTX1 (n2)
The common version of the HW Workshop – Then and Now #227 silver Scion FR-S is common with chrome rim pr5 but look at those 9-pack for a chrome rin j5 version.
Scion FR-S (b2)
Another 9-pack only variation is the New Model Ryura LX in mf red are being found with chrome rim pr5 wheels.
Ryura LX (a2) The #116 Treasure Hunt Custom ’71 El Camino in mf blue, sports a grille variation. It either has a smooth or ribbed grille. To early to tell which will be the common of the two.
Custom El Camino Grille variation
Power Rocket fans have 3 wheel variations to look for in the Ultimate Racing 5-pack
First release has light blue chrome os5 wheelsPower Rocket (q) Second release has dark blue chrome os5 wheelsPower Rocket (q2) And the third has chrome os5 wheels
Look at the 9-packs and in BP to find this transition piece. It’s the HW Workshop – HW Performance #244 ’71 Plymouth Road Runner with chrome rim mc5. Commonly found with chrome rim pr5. '71 Plymouth Road Runner g2 The black Vulture found in the Thailand 3-packs has a wheel variation. It first came out with blue chrome rim os5 and in new packs it has chrome rim os5. Vulture (t3) Roll cage variations continue in the latest assortment you can find the HW Workshop – Then and Now #225  and the HW Workshop – HW Performance #250 Custom ’64 Galaxie 500 with and without roll cage. Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X (c) 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL (t2) Lastly the new model HW Off- Road – Off Truck #115 Land Crusher in blue comes on USLC with chrome ct5. and on some ILC it can be found with white ct5 (construction 5 spoke).


It took a while but a was able to finally acquire this “error” variation. The early run of the USS Vengeance was been found without the design on top. What makes it unique is that it came out in “H” cases with “G” case code packaging. This is one case code letter before it’s official release in “H” cases. I put this one in my collection just because of the controversy of the error. As of 5/21/2014 Multipacks wheel variations continue this is one of the more recent ones the mf red Ryura LX with chrome lip pr5.Ryura LX (a2)The Racing Team 24 Seven is another one found in multi-pack with a wheel variation. The common is the white j5 this one is white oh5.PicsArt_1399830980276_zpsgi6vlkp1 And here is the silver Scion FR- S with chrome lip J5.1The silver Porsche Cayman S with mc5.  WHEELVARI_zpsbbef89e4The second batch of Custom Vega V8 showing up in “K” Dump Bims comes with a wheel variation. Chrome lip pr5 instead of the first run chrome lip mc5.Custom Vega V8 Some collectors are finding the #30 mf aqua 1990 Honda Civic EF with chrome lip mc5. 100_1610_zpse57659ab Look at those Datsun 620’s there are three wheels variations so far orange chrome lip mc5 (common) orange lip os5 (HTF) and found in a 20-pack j5. photo_zpsd6988e8e Datsun4_zps22f976f3 _______________________________________________________________________

The latest variations as of 5/4/2014 Look at the tampo on the side of the 71 Ford Mustang. The first ones found had purple running through the Ford logo later version was “cleaned up” so the Ford logo is crisper. '71 Mustang Funny Car (r) BP '71 Mustang Funny Car (r2) BP Look for #33 DMC-12 in red with fan5 wheels extremely hard to find. Also heard of one y5 wheel variation found at this time. Deloeran close up deloeren y5 variationA couple of #156 Circle Trucker’s wheel variations look for pr5 wheels with yellow rim and os5 wheels with yellow rims #156 Circle Trucker os5 rims crop#156 Circle Trucker PR5 rims cropAnother tough find is the #65 TV Series Batmobile with os5 wheels. 65 TV Batmobile os5 cropYou need to search real hard for the 24 Ours in black with white 10 spoke wheels. Thsi is the only one I know of. DSCN4960_zps99ec3003 This one should be to hard to find look for the Carbonator with either clear or black wheels.

The latest variations as of 3/31/2014 Look for the Toy R Us 20-packs for this one, The blue Subaru Impreza with white rim pr5. So far only a few have bee reported along with one pr5 wheel errors. Never found in blister pack.Subaru Impreza (j2) Only one has been reported so far but if you to keep an eyes out for this little guy. The Fiat 500 with chrome 10 spokes instead of chrome y5.Fiat 500 (a2) _________________________________________________________________________ The latest variations as of  3/11/2014 50 Anniversary Cumtom 13 Window variationIn the 50th Anniversary Mustang the Custom ’13 Ford Mustang comes with a very light tinted windows (almost clear) and dark tinted windows. Wheels, wheels, wheels. Three different wheels are coming on the #183 light blue Time Tracker in the latest G case dump bins at Walmart. Will have to wait to see which one is going to be hardest of the 3 to find. Time Tracker (c2) The #21 mf red Mazda RX-7 has been report to have two different wheel variations to the common mc5 wheels. Check them for chrome rim mc5 and os5 wheels.Mazda Rx7 os5 Mazda mc5bk-ch-rim  The 2104 #144 mf white Circle Tracker are found with red chrome rim mc5 and pr5 wheels so far this variation seems to be a 50/50 split in the G case dump bins. Circle Tracker Not only is the ’70 Chevelle SS a great super but the regular on comes with two wheel variations. Kmart Collectors Day cases and early packed G case Walmart dump bin cases came with red chrome rim mc5 and the later cases have a red chrome rim pr5. '70 Chevy Chevelle SS (d2) It’s out there now try to find it. The 2014 #8 Wheel Loader comes with common smooth vents and the hard to find textured vents.texventwl_zps433f1672 _______________________________________________________________________ The latest Variation found Jan/Feb 2014 The open 5 spoke version of the HW City – Night Burnerz #24 red ’70 Toyota Celica is being found in multi-packs. No real blister pack version has been reported.'70 Toyota Celica (c2) The side tampo on the HW Race – HW Race Team #141 white Sling Shot comes with a larger and small 1 on the sides. The smaller “1” seems to be the second version. This variation is not found yet with the red fan5 wheels.Sling Shot (w2) (2)

2013 The HW City – Night Burnerz #23 mf aqua ’11 Corvette Grand Sport models were found with the ’09 Corvette Z06 body and or base.'11 Corvette Grand Sport (g) '11 Corvette Grand Sport (g)wrong boddy Some call it an error some call it a variation. look for the 5 spoke front wheel on the HW Off-Road – HW Moto #126 Canyon Carver. The Circle Trucker  #156 HW Race – Thrill Racers has 3 different wheels the common yellow rim mc5 or the two very hard yellow rim pr5 and the yellow rim os5.Circle Trucker (f2) Circle Trucker (f3) The #86 Max Steel Turbo Racer in satin blue has the same wheel variation as the white one with a chrome-rim mc5 front wheels.Max Steel Turbo Racer (b2) Internationally the Arrow Dynamic from the HW Racing – HW Race Team #110 2013 had a transition variation with pr5.Arrow Dynamic (b2) If you are on the hunt look for variations look for the HW Race – HW Race Team #144 Circle Tracker in  candy blue with white open 5 spokes.Circle Tracker (j2) The 2013 New Model #95 Time Tracker Came with 3 wheel variations the common was orange-rim mc5. Followed by 2 harder to find orange rim pr5 and orange-rim os5.Time Tracker (a2)Time Tracker (aa3) Found this one listed on eBay in a gift-pack. After looking I found quite a few myself. Look for clear windows on the ’70 Plymouth AAR Cuda. The blister pack version has blue windows.'70 Plymouth AAR Cuda (n2) ________________________________________________________________________ mazda interior variationInterior variations seem to be the theme of Hot Wheels lately. This one is the latest of the group. Look for the #21 mf red Mazda XR7 with both the racing interior and street interior. Quick N' Sik Wheel VariationThe #32 mf green Quick N’ Sik comes with two different wheels open spoke 5 (os5) and Fan 5 (fan5) Sling Shot Wheel VariationThe #141 Sling Shot comes with two different wheels red fan5 (fan5rd) and red open 5 spoke (os5rd) 1990 Honda Civic EFThe red 1990 Honda Civic EF comes with two different wheels chrome rim open 5 spoke (os5bk/ch-rim) and chrome rim muscle car 5 spoke (mc5bk/ch-rim) DSCN5064 The #40 mf blue Porsche Panamera has white or gray headlights. Alfa Romeo windowsThe windows on the 2014 #29 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione can be found with clear or tinted windows. #200 Aston Martin 1963 DB5 5 spokeOne of the most popular models to come out this year is the #200 Aston Martin 1963 DB5. It also spawned one of the most popular variations so far in the 2014 mainlines. Look for it with 5 spoke wheels. #86 Max Steel Turbo Racer MC5 wheelThe common front wheel on the #86 Max Steel Turbo Racer is a blue rim open 5 spoke wheels (os5bk/bu-rim) but it can be found with the mc5 wheel with a blue-rim (mc5bk/bu-rim). #107 Dodge Challenger Drift Car chrome rimThe yellow #107 Dodge Challenger Drift Car is found with chrome rim pr5 front wheel (pr5bk/ch-rim) instead of the common white rim wheel (pr5bkrd-rim) #158 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) os5The 2013 #158 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) in mf black was found in a 9-car gift pack with orange-rim open 5 spoke wheels (os5bk/or-rim) with the common wheel being orange pr5 wheels. Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-R. Interior variationAn interesting change. There are two different interiors made for the Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-R. An right hand drive bucket seat racing interior and a traditional 4-seat passenger interior, Both were available in the Fly Customs model. Another car with two different interiors is the  red #195 ’92 BMW M5 There is the racing version with a roll cage and standard 4-seat interior. Both are out there but the roll cage version is drying up fast. #156 Circle Trucker pr5The #156 Circle Trucker in red has a wheel variation. The common is the yellow rim mc5  (mc5bk/yw-rim) and the hard to find variation is the yellow rim pr5 version. (pr5bk/yw-rim). #90 BAJA Bone Shaker or6yw-rimThere is only one of these reported to be found and that was in a dollar store.  Look for the or6bk/yw-rim on the 2013 mf blue #90 BAJA Bone Shaker. IMG_20131118_0229521This one was found in an obscure case from a discount store. It’s the red #176 Toyota 2000 GT with pr5 wheels. Good Luck on your hunt. ______________________________________________________________________  Starting the year with couple of variation from the “A” mix. Heads up you may want to look at those teeth and tails. It seem there has be a variation on these model since 2007 that not to many collectors know about. The Rodzilla has two different bodies: with fur or with scales. The latest version of the HW City #66 Green Rodzilla comes with both bodies styles, and with and without painted teeth. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThe #229 ’14 COPO Camaro had to have a wheel variation this one is on the rear wheel. Normally it comes with chrome rim mc5 wheels but a few have been appearing with chrome rim pr5 wheels.2014 Copo Camaro wheels

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