2014 Playset Exclusives

This year’s play sets are made to inspire a child’s imagination with construction and artistic workshop sets that don’t require much help from parents. Some sets include unique models only available in the set. This is a list of the cars found in these playsets.

Workshop – Car Design Machine play set
Fast FeLion (h) Fast FeLion – pearl white – os5bk/ch-rim
Workshop – Custom Car design kit 1
Fast Fish (s) Fast Fish – white – fan5rd
Rockster (p) Rockster – silver – or6bk/bu-rim
Workshop – Custom Car design kit 2
CCM Country Club Muscle (f) CCM Country Club Muscle – white – sp10
Ettorium (d) Ettorium -yellow – os5bk/rd-rim

Custom Design Kit 3
Shoe Box (ar) Shoe Box – lt. green – sp5rd
Golden Arrow (q) Golden Arrow – mf white – pr5bk/or-rim

Workshop – Color Reveal Design Kit 1
Cool-One (r) Cool One – pearl white – clear blue os5gd
Surfin’ School Bus (y) Surfin’ School Bus – pearl white – pr5bk/rd-rim
Workshop – Color Reveal Design Kit 2
Purple Passion (cy) Purple Passion – pearl white – sp5rd
Muscle Tone (z) Muscle Tone – pearl white – sp10yw
Muscle Tone (z2) Muscle Tone – white – sp10gd (wheel variation)

Workshop – Airbrush Auto Designer
Super Van (al) 70’s Van – mf white – pr5bk/rd-rim

City – Turbo Wash
Mercy Breaker (‘Tooned) (h) Mercy Breaker – mf yellow – pr5

Marvel Ultimate Spiderman – Web Swing Drop-Out track set
Covelight (j) Covelight – black – os5bk/wh-rim

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket’s Tailspin Takedown
Impavido 1 (i) Impavido 1 – mf brown – os5bk/ch-rim

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