2014 Marvel Spider-Man

Walmart Exclusives
Marvel Spider-Man #1 BP
Street Creeper (d) #1 Street Creeper – blue – os5rd
Marvel Spider-Man #2 BP
I Candy (l) #2 ICandy- met green – os5gn
Marvel Spider-Man #3 BP
Ettorium (e) #3 Ettorium – dk blue – os5bk/rd-rim
Marvel Spider-Man #4 BP
Spider Rider (c) #4 Spider Rider – mf blue – ct5yw
Marvel Spider-Man #5 BP
Hammered Coupe (x) #5 Hammered Coupe – mf red – os5bk/gd-rim
Marvel Spider-Man #6 BP
Fire-Eater (x) #6 Fire-Eater – mf blue gray – sp5
Marvel Spider-Man #7 BP
Shredster (l) #7 Shredster – mf burgundy and red – pr5wh
Marvel Spider-Man #8 BP
Evil Twin (ab) #8 Evil Twin – flat black – os5bk/bu-rim
Web Swing Drop-Out Track Set
Ultimate Spiderman Web Swing Drop-Out track set
This track is a clamp-style design to race Venom over a ramp, pass Spiderman’s swinging web trap and try not to get caught.
Set exclusive
Covelight (j) Covelight – black – os5bk/wh-rimThe Amazing Spider-Man Spider Loop Speedway track set
The Amazing Spider-Man Spider Loop Speedway track set
Retro-Active (g) Retro-Active – black – pr5bk/bu-rim
HW Pursuit (e) HW Pursuit – white – os5bk/rd-rim
Dieselboy (l) Dieselboy – mf green – os5
Sling Shot (x) Sling Shot – red – clear blue os5rd-rim
Vandetta (j) Vandetta – pearl green – os5bk/gn-rim
Speed Curcuit Showdown track sets
Speed Circuit Showdown track sets
Retro-Active (g) Retro-Active – black – clear tint pr5/bu-rim

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