2014 Convention/Nationals Souvenir Cars

14th Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals
Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus (k) #1 Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus – mf orange and white – dd5rr w/2014 LE2400
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (f) #2 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 – zamac – rrww LE2600
'70 Dodge Challenger HEMI (y) #3 ’70 Dodge HEMI Challenger – red, white and mf blue – mag5gyt LE2000
Custom Plymouth Barracuda (e)#4 Custom Barracuda – mf red –  mag5 LE1200

Chris Parker Dinner
Rodger Dodger (as) Rodger Dodger – mf blue and mf dark blue – prr with 4 different quotes. LE2000

RLC Friday Night Party
Custom ’38 Ford C.O.E. (b) Custom ’38 Ford COE – Spectraflame Pink – neo  (aprox. 1500 pieces)

Childrens Miracle Network
Custom by Chris Walker aka Night Stalker)
CMN Hiway Hauler Hiway Hauler – pearl white and mf blue – lgrr (LE500)

28th Annual Collectors Convention
The Mystery Machine (B) #1 The Mystery Machine – zamac – lgrror LE2400
Classic Nomad (ak) #2 Classic Nomad – black – dd5rrf LE2000
VW Bug (bm) #3 Custom Volkswagen – mf blue and white – dd5rrgyt LE2000
'66 Chevy Nova (w) #4 ’66 Chevy Nova – mf gold and black – dd5rr LE1200

Brendon Vetuskey Dinner
’70 Dodge Charger RT (f) ’70 Dodge Charger R/T – mf blue – tbrrhs LE1500

Friday Night Party
Noodlest (b) Noodlist – spec pink – neo LE1500est.

Make A Wish
Custom by Chris Walker aka Night Stalker)
Make a Wish Dairy Delivery Dairy Delivery – blacxk and white – rrwl

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