1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon – 83mm – 2013

This Malaysia made Dodge pickup has a metal body and base, plastic interior and windows.

 a. red, metal base, black interior, clear windows, black and gold design and “Power Wagon” on sides and tailgate, rrorstlbk. Retro Entertainment – Simon & Simon (2013) $8 – 15
 b. met gray, black metal base, black int., clear windows, multicolor Batman design on sides, rrorstlbk/ch-rim, Th. Pop Culture – DC Comics Batman vs. Superman (2016) 5 – 10
c. white, metal base, black int., velar windows, black, red, orange, and white Rally design w/”88” on hood and sides, rrore5/gy, Th. Car Culture – Desert Rally #2 (2019) 3 – 6

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