’09 Ford Focus RS – 64mm – 2010

This Malaysia made 2009 Ford has a metal body, plastic base, interior, and windows.

 a. mf lt. green, black base and int., tinted windows, w/black and white stripes and “RS” on sides, sp10. All Stars#123 or HW Premier #019 intl. $1 – 2
a2. mf lt. green, as a, pr5. All Stars #123 10 – 20
 b. mf blue, dk. gray base, gold int., tinted windows, dk. blue, silver and white design, “Winter Rally 2011” on roof and sides, “11” on hood and sides, Hot Wheels logo on sides, white sp10gd,  Mal. Holiday Hot Rods Walmart excl. (2011) 2 – 3
 c. red, gray base, black int., tinted windows, met red, white, and black rally design w/”RS”, “3” and decals on sides, sp10, Mal. HW All Stars #129 (2012) 1 – 2
 d. spec red, as c, added black spoiler, w/”RS” on hood, stripes on roof, smooth tires gtrrrl, Mal. HW All Stars #129 (2012) 10 – 20
d2. spec red, as d, w/tire threads sp10rrrl, Mal. HW All Stars #129 (2012) 10 – 20
 e. lt. green, black base and int., blue windows, white, olive green, lt. green, and black  rally design, stripes and dots on hood, roof and sides, “Easter 2013” on sides, “ESTR”, “13” on hood and sides, sp10, Mal. Easter series (2013) 1 – 3
 f. white, black base, orange int., orange windows, Silver, black, orange, and red design w/”HWTF” on sides, sp10rd, Th. Stunt Circuit 5-Pack (2014) 2 – NA
 g. white, black base, silver int., clear windows, black and blue Forza design with stripes and Ford logo on top and sides, sp10wh, Th. Forza Motorsport #1 (2017) 1 – 3
 h. mf dk. orange, black base, and int., clear windows, black, white and yellow stripes, “4” and decals on sides, pr5wh rear / pr5yw front, Th. Backroad Rally #5 (2019) 1 – 3

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