Mattel stepped up the line’s marketing in the new year. Seven new and eight embellished castings were issued. This was the first year all vehicles were issued in enamel colors with designs called tampos. As in 1973, many of the models were based on previous castings.
All 1974 models were issued on new blistercards. These cards were white with “Flying Colors” in red and pictured three models: Baja Bruiser, Heavy Chevy, and the Porsche 917.
This marked the first year models were not issued in many colors, although some were re-issued in other colors in later years. Some 1974 cars were issued in alternate colors. These have been documented because they are very rare collectibles.
Alternate Colors: Due to random paint changes, some cars have been found in unexpected colors. For example, a plant may have temporarily run out of a color, or a production run may have changed because of a marketing decision. These changes are still happening today. Depending upon how many were produced, some alternate colors can be worth more than ten times normal value.
Baja Bruiser – 69mm – 1974 – LIST
Breakaway Bucket – 75mm – 1974  – LIST
Carabo – 70mm – 1974 LIST
El Rey Special – 75mm – 1974 – LIST
Funny Money – 73mm – 1974 – LIST
Grass Hopper – 65mm – 1974 – LIST
Heavy Chevy – 70mm – 1974 – LIST
Porsche 917 – 68mm – 1974 – LIST

Rash 1

Road King Truck

Rodger Dodger

Sir Rodney Roadster

Steam Roller

Top Eliminator