On the Road Again

The latest HW Road Trippin’ are parking soon at your Walmart. Included in this batch a few collector favorites such as the ’66 Chevy Nova, Dodge Viper RT/10 and the ’32 Ford Delivery. Along with those there is a heavy weight 1957 Chrysler 300 with a metal base and body. Chevy out the individual pictures and history of the road featured in this series.HW selection e2

HW selection e1

Got Milk? – I got the cereal.

The latest ‘V’ assortment arrive yesterday from A&J Toys. This set includes decos from General Mills cereals such as Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Frute Brute, and others. Some of the favorite casting in this group include the Smokin’ Grille and Texas Drive ‘Em. The retooled ’97 Ford F-150 has a lifted base and an one-piece metal cab and body. Also in this series is the first time metal body Mig Rig. Check out individual pictures and other Pop Culture releases for 2014 on the Pop Culture page.  Pop Culture General Mills group 2

Pop Culture General Mills group 1


2014 Kroger Halloween Cars

At a Kroger Store near you is the 2014 Halloween exclusives. The cars and card art is a must have for the theme collector. The card art shows a Rigor Motor speeding away from a haunted house with a full moon, bats, a howling wolf, Jack O’Lanterns and a zombie-crossing sign. It’s everything you need in a Halloween scene. This years five ghoulish assortment  includes the: Ghostbusters ECTO-1, Bone Shaker, Rigor Motor, Gangster Grin, and ’57 Plymouth Fury.

halloween 2014

P and Q cases at Walmart

Watch your “P” and “Q” cases at Walmart some of the local “Dump Bins” received the normal 648 count “P” cases and some received 288 “Q” case bins. Not all of the Q assortment were in these cases and of course no ZAMACs. “P” case cars are already updated  to the listed and Q cases will follow shortly. There has been a couple of notable variations to report. The mf red Twin Mill III has been found with os5 wheels and what seems to be the harder version with fan5 wheels.

The Ferrari 5-Pack Ferrari F40 now has a closed rear-engine cover and a plastic base. Three more “Truckin’ Transporter”  another Impavido 1 and two new colors of the Nitro Doorslammers. 2014 is finishing up and soon I should have some of the 2015 line ups listed.

Ferrari F40 (v2)

Kmart Collectors Day Event Sept. 13, 2014

Kmart Collectors Day Event:
When: Saturday, 9/13 at 9 a.m. local times
Where: U.S. Kmart Stores

Special Colors
’69 Corvette – Heat Fleet (Sky blue)
’71 Dodge Challenger – HW Performance (Micro lavender)
’83 Chevy Silverado – HW Hot Trucks (Amazon green)
Lotus Evora GT4 – HW All-Stars (Metalflake orange)

’86 Monte Carlo SS – Muscle Mania (Black)
Aston Martin 1963 DB5 – Then and Now (Metalflake Red Tint)
Batmobile – BATMAN (ABS Black)

Mail-in Collector Edition Custom ’56 Ford Truck
Pick up 20 Hot Wheels basic cars from Sept. 13, 2014, to Oct. 18, 2014, and mail in for a cool Hot Wheels Collector Edition Custom ’56 Ford Truck:bdx36_003_300pxBody Color: Spectraflame hugger orange
Deco: Black top & fenders, red & yellow flame deco on sides
Wheels: Real Riders racing wheels
Base: Zinc-plated chassis
Window Color: Clear
Interior Color: Black

New Workshop Kits at Target

Just found at Target!
Purple Passion fans might want to be on the look out for this Workshop kit. There are two kits available, Kit 2 includes a pearl white Purple Passion with red 5 spokes, purple interior and purple windows.  The other car in Kit 2 is a pearl white Muscle Tone with yellow 10 spokes red interior and clear windows. Kit 1 includes a Pearl white Cool one and a pearl white Surfin’ School Bus. The cars in these sets are void of any graphics so you can decorate the cars with the special decal sheets. Color Reveal decals sheets are included to apply the cars and with a special pen you can reveal the design. Check out the playset page for more.
Color Reveal Kit 1