Winning Formula – 79mm – 2015

This Malaysia made original Hot Wheels design of a opened-wheels racer has a metal body with a plastic base and interior.

Winning Formula (a) a. mf blue, black base, chrome int., orange, black and yellow stripes on nose and sides “5” on nose, Hot Wheels logo on sides, mc5bk/or-rim, HW Race – HW Race Team #135 (2015) $1 – 2
Winning Formula (b) b. black, as a, blue base, mc5bk/ch-rim, Mal. HW Race – HW Race Team #135 1 – 2
 c. red, black base, blue int., lt blue, blue and white stripes on top and sides decals on nose, “11” on  wing, “Winning Formula”  on sides, mc5bk/ch-rim, Mal. HW Digital Circuit #26 (2016) 1 – 2
 d. mf purple, orange base, chrome  int., orange and white stripes as c,  mc5bk/ch-rim, Mal. HW Digital Circuit #26 (2016) 1 – 2
 e. zamac, as c, green  int., green, yellow, and black stripe design, mc5bk/yw-rim, Mal. HW Digital Circuit #26 Walmart excl. (2016) 1 – 2
 f. flat black, orange base, blue int., met blue, red, and yellow Hot Wheels logo on top and sides, “1” on  wing, pr5bk/gd-rim, Mal. Legends of Speed TH (2017) 1 – 3
 g. yellow, black base, red int., black, red, and white Hot Wheels logo on top and sides, “1” on  wing, pr5wh, Mal. Legends of Speed #148 (2017) 1 – 2
 h. mf green, lt green base, chrome int., lt green and white stripes and “G1” on top and sides, glow-in-the-dark os5/yw-rim, Mal. HW Glow Wheels #37 (2018) 1 – 2