UNSC Warthog – 67mm – 2017

This Malaysia made Halo assault vehicle has a metal body, with a plastic base, interior and windshield.
Also known as: Oni Warthog

a. satin green, gray base, black int., clear windshield, triangle tow hooks, white details BlOr/gy. HW Screen Time #2 $2 – 3
 a2. satin green, as a, rectangle front tow hooks, BlOr/gy. HW Screen Time #2 $2 – 3
 b. satin green, black metal base, black int., tinted windows, rrslt5gn, Mal. Entertainment – Halo (2017) 2 – 5
 c. black. gray base, int., and gun, clear windows, silver and red details, BlOr/gy, Mal. HW Screen Time #54 (2018) 1 – 2