Sunagon – 73mm – 1982

This Hong Kong made Volkswagen Vanagon Camper has a metal body and base, plastic removable top,  windows, and interior with motorcycle in back.
Also known as: Volkswagen Sunagon
Note: Retooled in 2011.

a. orange and tan , metal base, brown int., clear windows, tan top, bw.  $10 – 15
a2. orange and tan, as a, Mal. 10 – 15
b. mf blue and lt. blue, as a, lt. blue removable roof, tan int. and motorcycle, Mal. Extras (1983) 10 – 15
c. blue, as b, lt. blue roof, white int. and motorcycle, Mex. (1985)  35 – 45
d. dk. blue, as c, Mex. (1986) 35 – 45
e. mf blue, as c, Mex. (1987) 35 – 45
 f. mf lt. green, metal base, black int., green windows, pearl white roof, white, lime, and red, stripes on front and sides, bw, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 2 – 3
f2. mf lt. green, as f, bwrl, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 3 – 10
g. mf purple, metal base, silver int., blue windows, tan top, met pink stripes on front and sides, hogd, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 2 – 3
 h. orange and brown, metal base, orange int., tinted windows, brown top, orange and yellow stripes and “Island Hoppers” on sides, stlrr, Mal. Retro Entertainment (2013) 3 – 6
 i. tan, metal base, brown int., tinted windows, brown and lt brown wood panels on sides, details, rrcl4, Th. Cargo Carriers #3 (2018) 5 – 10

Bonus Picture
“h” with top up

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