Spector – 74mm – 2008

Cast in Malaysia this half robot, half car vehicle has a expandable chassis that stand up like a robot.
Note: Hinged chassis was removed in 2018.

Spector (a) a. unpainted, black metal base, clear red hinges, satin silver engine, os5bk/rd-rim. 2008 New Models #002
a2. mf silver, as a, os5bk/rd-rim. 2008 New Models #002 Factory-Sealed set 5 – 10
a3. unpainted, as a, clear green hinges, os5bk/gn-rim. 2008 New Models #002
a4. mf silver, as a3, os5bk/gn-rim. 2008 New Models #002 Factory-Sealed set. 5 – 10
a5. unpainted, as a, clear blue hinges, os5bk/bl-rim. 2008 New Models #002
Spector (b) b. satin black, metal base, clear purple hinges, gold chrome engine, white star and “P2408” on top, os5bk/pu-rim, Mal. HW Special Features #088 (2009) 1 – 2
Spector (c) c. mf green, metal base, tinted hinges, gold chrome engine, os5bk/rd-rim, Th. Trick Tracks 5-pack (2009) 2 – NA
Spector (d) d. mf red, metal base, clear blue hinges, gold chrome engine, sp5rd, Mal. Thrill Racers – Space #195 (2012) 1 – 2
Spector (d2) d2. mf red, as d, os5bk/rd-rim, Mal. Thrill Racers – Space #195 (2012) 1 – 2
 e. unpainted, black metal base, black hinges red rear end, os5, Mal. Mystery Models intl. #22 (2013) 10 – NA
Spector (e) f. white, lt. blue metal base, clear pink hinges, black engine, os5bk/or-rim, Mal. Hw City – Planet Heroes #72 (2014) 1 – 2
Spector (f) g. satin yellow, metal base, tinted hinges, white engine, clear blue os5bu-rim, Th. Color Splash Science Lab 5-pack (2015) 2 – NA
 h. zamac, red base, purple hinge. red and white design on top, os5bk/rd-rim, Mal. HW Roberts #285 (2018) 1 – 2

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