Ryura LX – 73mm – 2014

This Malaysia made hot Wheels® design has a metal body with a plastic base, interior and windows.

Ryura LX (a) a. mf red, black base, chrome int., tinted windows, silver stripes w/”Limo” and a gold Hot Wheels logo on sides, j5bk/ch-rim. 2014 New Models #5 $1 – 2
Ryura LX (a2) a2. mf red as a, pr5bk/ch-rim. 2014 New Models multi-pack only 5 – NA
Ryura LX (b) b. mf black, as a, gray base, silver stripes, j5bk/gd-rim. 2014 New Models #5 1 – 2
b2. mf black, as b, mc5bk/gd-rim. 2014 New Models #5 10 – 30
Ryura LX (c) c. lt. blue, gray base, chrome int., tinted windows, black and orange stripes on sides, pr5bk/or-rim, Mal. HW Workshop – Night Burnerz #204 (2015) 1 – 2
c2. lt blue, as c, mc5bk/or-rim, Mal. HW Workshop – Night Burnerz #204 (2015) 7 – 15
Ryura LX (d) d. orange, as c, black base,  black and yellow stripes on sides, pr5bk/yw-rim, Mal. HW Workshop – Night Burnerz #204 (2015) 1 – 2
ryura-lx-d2 d2. orange, as d, blue windows,  pr5or, Ch. Mega Hauler/20-car pack and in 2017 assorted playsets (2016) 2 – NA
Ryura LX (e) e. black, dk. gray base, chrome int., blue windows, black, brown, red, and white design and “Tom and Jerry” on sides, pr5rd, Mal. Tom and Jerry #6 (2015) 1 – 2
ryura-lx-f  f. flat black, lt. green base, chrome int., green windows, green, black, and white stripes on top and sides, white pr5bk, Mal. Happy Halloween #7 (2016) 1 – 3
f2. flat black, as f, glow-in-the-dark pr5bk, Mal. Happy Halloween #7 (2016) 3 – 6
ryura-lx-g g. green, dk. gray base, silver int., clear windows, black, and white checkerboard and stripes on top, Luigi on sides, mc5bk, Mal. Super Mario #2 (2016) 1 – 2
 h. dk. red, blue base, gold int., tinted windows, gold, black, and blue, stripes and “Wonder Women” on sides, j5gd, Indo. Justice League 5-pack (2017) 2 – NA

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