RocketFire – 73mm – 2008

This is a Malaysia made rocket power concept car has a plastic body, interior and engine exhaust.

 a. white, flat black metal base, gold chrome int., gray exhaust, American flags on top, orange os5. 2008 New Models #022 (2008) $1 – 2
 b. met gray, as a, os5, Mal. 2008 New Models #022 (2008) 1 – 2
 c. gold chrome, metal base, gray int. and engine exhaust, black stripes on sides, “Rocketfire” on top, os5gd, Mal. Track Stars #055 (2009) 1 – 2
 d. green, flat black metal base, blue int., gold chrome engine exhaust, black, white, blue, and silver design on sides, os5gd, Th. Criss Cross Crash 5-pack (2010) 2 – NA
e. red, black metal base, yellow int. and engine exhaust, silver design on sides and hood, os5, Mal. Racing Rigs Cosmic Hauler (2011) 3 – 7
f. tinted chrome, satin black metal base, dk. red int., orange exhaust, black, orange and white flames and “8” on sides, clear orange os5, Mal. Thrill Racers – Volcano #202 (2011) 1 – 2
f2. tinted chrome, as f, red int., clear orange os5, Mal. Thrill Racers – Volcano #202 (2011) 1 – 2
 g. neon orange, flat black metal base, black int., chrome exhaust, black white stripes on hood and sides, “P8” on sides, sp5, Mal. Thrill Racers – Space #194 (2012) 1 – 2
 h. black, pearl white metal base, green int., clear orange exhaust, green, white and red stripes and “4” on sides, green os5, Th. Road Rockets 5-pack (2013) 2 – NA
 i. blue, metal base, clear blue int., gold chrome exhaust, met blue, blue, and white stripes on hood and sides, “Rocketfire” on sides, yellow os5wh, Mal. HW City – HW Space Team #44TH (2015) 1 – 3
 j. blue, metal base, orange int., chrome exhaust, orange, blue, and silver stripes on hood and sides, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” on hood, os5or, Th. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 #7 (2017) 1 – 2
 k. pearl red, metal base, blue int., chrome exhaust, white and yellow design and “02” on hood and sides, gray pr5bu, Mal. HW Space #21 (2019) 1 – 2