Porsche 962 – 78mm – 2017

Made in Thailand this sports-prototype racing car has a metal body and base with a plastic interior and windows.

 a. white, metal base, silver int., tinted windows, orange, green, and blue GReddy race design, “99” on sides, rrawyw/ch-rim, Car Culture Race Day #4 $2 – 4
 b. black and red, flat black metal base, black int., clear windows, white Advan race design w/”12″ on sides, ad rear / adwh front, Th. Car Culture Circuit Legends #3 (2018) 3 – 6
 c. red. metal base, silver int., tinted windows, yellow and black MOMO race design and “30” on top and sides, rr10spbk, Th. Car Culture Team Transport 2-pack #6 (2018) 5 – 13

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