Phastasm – 75mm – 2005

This Malaysia made concept two-seat sports car has a plastic body with a metal base, plastic interior and canopy.

 a. clear orange, black metal base, chrome int., tinted canopy, white design “Hot Wheels” and “Future Elements” on sides, white design on hood and rear window, sp5. 2005 First Edition – X-Raycers #057
a2. clear orange as a, no tampo on top, sp5, First Edition – X-Raycers #057
a2. clear orange, as a2, fte, First Edition – X-Raycers #057
 b. chrome, metal base, gray int., blue canopy, blue flames on sides, hood and roof, sp5, Mal. Chrome Burnez #070 (2006) $1 – 2
b2 chrome, as b, black int., sp5, Mal. Chrome Burnez #070 (2006) 3 – 5
 c. clear gray, metal base, chrome int., green canopy, white, green and black flames on hood and sides, “V-Drop” on sides, pr5gn, Mal. V-Drop Track set (2006) 3 – NA
 d. black, metal base, chrome int., orange canopy, orange, silver, white and gray bat design on hood and sides, sp5, Mal.  2006 Fright Cars (2006) 1 – 3
 e. clear, metal base, white int., green canopy, purple, green and black design on sides and hood, pr5gn, Mal. X-Raycers #071 (2007) 1 – 2
e2. clear, as e, os5gn, Mal. X-Raycers #071 (2007) 1 – 2
 e3. clear, as e, pr5gn, Ch. Daredevil Crash Track set (2008) 1 – 2
e4. clear, as e, pr5gn, Th. Color Shifters 2-pack (2008) 2 – 3
e5. clear, as e, silver painted base, pr5gn, Mal. X-Raycers series #071 Factory-Sealed set (2007)  5 – 10
e6. clear, as e, light green canopy, os5gn, Mal. Downhill Flip Drop track set (2012) 1 – 2
 f. clear dk. blue, metal base w/ Hot Wheels logo on base, gold chrome int., clear canopy, orange, yellow and gold design on sides and hood, pr5gd, Th. Trick Tracks Power Loop set (2008) 1 – 3
g. clear body, base, int., and canopy, clear os5ch-rim, Th. Fright Cars Walmart excl. (2008) 10 – 15
 h. clear red, metal base, gold chrome int., clear canopy, black and gold flames on sides os5gd, Th. Racer Rigs V-Room! (2009) 3 – 6
 i. clear green body, base and canopy, black int., purple, green, and yellow Hot Wheels ghost logo, clear green os5gn-rim, Th. Scary Cars 5-pack (2010) 2 – NA
 j. clear blue, black base and int., orange canopy, black, tan and orange Hot Wheels ghost logo, os5, Th. Fright Cars (2010) 2 – 3
k. clear green, green base, chrome int., lt. green canopy, green and yellow Superman logo on hood, and sides, green os5, Mal. Superman – Chase Kroger stores excl. (2013) 20 – 35
 l. clear pink, metal base, chrome int., clear canopy, met pink and white stripes on hood, trunk, and sides, “15” on hood and sides, orange os5, Mal. HW Racing – X-Raycers #133 (2013) 1 – 2
 m. clear orange, metal base, chrome int., green canopy, green and white stripes and “10” on sides, green pr5, Mal. HW Race – X-Raycers #178 (2014) 1 – 2
 n. clear green, mf gray metal base, chrome int., yellow canopy, white, yellow, orange, and black design on sides, yellow pr5, Th. X-Raycers 5-pack (2015) 2 – NA
 o. gray, green metal base, chrome int., green canopy, green, black, red, and white Team Silhouette design on sides, sp5rd, Th. Ghostbusters #6 Walmart excl. (2016) 1 – 3
 p. tinted, met pink metal base, chrome int., pink canopy, white, purple. lt blue, and met pink design on sides, dk. purple pr5/wh-rim, Indo. X-Raycers 5-pack (2018) 2 – NA

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