Nissan Fairlady Z – 72mm – 2016

This Malaysia made 2-seat custom sports car has a metal body with a plastic base, interior, and windows.

 a. candy blue, black base, gray int., tinted windows, met blue, white, red and flat black design on hood and sides, decals on sides, mc5gy. HW Speed Graphics #184. $1 – 3
 b. black, red base, dk gray int., clear windows, red and white rally design w/”14″ on hood, mc5bk/gd-rim, Mal. Nightburnerz #357 (2017) 1 – 3
 b2. black, as b, Hot Wheels logo and “TH” on trunk, rrtagy/or-rim, Mal. Nightburnerz STH (2017) 10 – 30
 c. lemon yellow body and base, black int., clear windows, details, rrcl4, Th. Japan Histories #3 (2018) 3 – 6