Monteracer – 68mm – 2016

This Malaysia made concept roadster has a plastic body and interior with a metal base.

 a. chrome, turquoise metal base, yellow int., yellow, blue, black, and white design and “30” on sides, yellow fan5bk. Super Chromes #44 $1 – 2
 b. gold chrome, flat black metal base, black int., olive, black, and white design and “30” on sides, purple fan5. Super Chromes #44 1 – 2
 c. clear red, mf lt. blue base, chrome int., white, yellow, and met blue design on top and sides, “X” on sides, clear yellow os5/bu-rim, Mal. X-Raycers #202 (2017) 1 – 2
 d. clear blue, black base, chrome int., blue, lt. blue and yellow stripes and “X02” on sides, green pr5yw, Mal. #34 (2018) 1 – 2
 e. clear purple, metal base, chrome int., yellow, orange, and silver design on sides, clear orange pr5yw, Mal. Kroger excl. (2018) 1 – 2