Mazda Furai – 70mm – 2010

This Malaysia made race car has a metal body, plastic base, wing, interior, and canopy.

 a. mf gray, black base, wing, and int., clear canopy w/silver, black, and red stripes and “55” on top and sides, os5. HW Premiere #031int. (2010) 2 – 3 /All Stars #119 (2010) $2 – 4
 b. mf red, as a, HW Premiere #031int. (2010) 2 – 3 /All Stars #119 (2010) 2 – 4
c. pearl white, black base and wing, chrome int., brown canopy, black, blue, and orange design on top and sides, fte, Mal. Faster Than Ever #96 (2012) 1 – 3
 c2. pearl white, as c, fan5, Mal. Multi-pack only (2012) 7 – NA
 d. matte black, silver base, chrome int., blue canopy, dk. gray wing, blue and white checkerboard and stripes on sides, os5bu, Th. World Race 5-pack (2013) 3 – NA
 d2. matte black, as d, os5, Th. World Race 5-pack (2013) 2 – NA
 e. pearl mf gold, as d, tinted canopy, black and white design, sp5, Mal. Multi-pack only (2015) 7 – NA 
 f. mf dk. blue, black base, red int., tinted canopy, red wing, met green, red and white stripes and “5′ on top and sides, os5bk/ch-rim, Mal. Mystery Models #11 (2017) 2 – NA
 g. satin red, dk gray base and int., tinted canopy, blue wing, met blue and white stripes and “55” on top and sides, j5bu, Mal. Multi-pack only (2018) 2 – NA