HWNL Club Chapters

HWNL Chapters
Looking for a Hot Wheels® Club? Check out the locate Clubs in your area. Support your local Chapter. Email for more information on meeting dates.


ALABAMA – Heart of Dixie – Paul Douglas, Quarterly E-mail for info mpdouglas@charter.net

ALABAMA – NE Chapter – Heart of Dixie Hot Wheelers – Donna Evans, Quarterly E-mail for info krazy1kit@cableone.net

ARIZONA – Thursday Night Wheels – Ken Beauchamp, Monthly 1st Thursday E-mail for info tnw1st@yahoo.com

ARIZONA – Arizona Outlaws – Wayne Henderson, Monthly E-mail for info azoutlaws@cox.net www.azoutlaws@cox.net

ARKANSAS – Rock City Redliners – Shawn Neel, Bi-monthly E-mail for info rockcityredliners@yahoo.com

ARKANSAS – Central States Hot Wheel Club – Randy Wilson, E-mail for info hotwheeler41@yahoo.com

CALIFORNIA – Hot Rod Hot Wheelers of the Inland Empire – Clem Miller, Monthly 3rd Fri. E-mail for info mr.clemo@verizon.net

CALIFORNIA – Nor Cal HW Collectors Club – Luciano Torres, Monthly 3rd Wed. E-mail for info wicked_one@sbcglobal.net www.norcalhwc.com

CONNECTICUT – Southern New England Hot Wheelers – Steve Sagona, Monthly E-mail for info cupigirl@aol.com

DELAWARE – SJPD Hot Wheels Club (South Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware) – Wes Craig – Monthly 3rd Saturday sjpdhwclub@yahoo.com  Facebook: SJPD HW CLUB

FLORIDA – South Florida Hot Wheels Collectors Club – Jon Wasielewski, Monthly Last Sat. E-mail for info wazzifam@aol.com

FLORIDA – Renegade Diecast – Tom King, renegadediecast@yahoo.com

FLORIDA – Hot Wheels Collectors of Southwest Florida – Kenneth/Donna Green, Monthly E-mail for info donkennie@earthlink.net

GEORGIA – Peach State Hot Wheels Club – Robby Worthington, Monthly E-mail for info robbyswheels@yahoo.com

ILLINOIS – Central Illinois Hot Wheels Collectors Club – Shane Schofield, Monthly 1st Sunday E-mail for info terrywilson@mchsi.com centralillinoishotwheelsclub@comcast.net

ILLINOIS – Windy City Hot Wheelers – Paul DiAngi, Monthly 3rd Tues. E-mail for info Jimerz@aol.com

INDIANA – Indy Hot Wheels – Dave Koch, Monthly E-mail for info hwkoch1948@yahoo.com

INDIANA – River City Hot Wheelers – Pete Tobin Monthly, E-mail for info rchotwheelers@aol.com

IOWA – Top of Iowa Hot Wheels club – Dave Robles, Monthly 1st sat E-mail for info drobles@netins.net

IOWA – All Iowa Hot Wheels Club – Stacey Craig, Quarterly Varies E-mail for info staceyc2068@gmail.com

MARYLAND – Charm City Hot Wheels – First Saturday of the month. email for info c4hotwheels@hotmail.com

MASSACHUSETTS – East Coast Real Riders Club – Joe Small, Monthly E-mail for info fgxl5oo@aol.com

MEXICO – Hot Wheels Mexico Club – Juan Carlos, Lara Sirvent, Bi-Monthly last Sunday E-mail for info jaguar9@hotwheelsmexicoclub.com rfalcon73@yahoo.com

MICHIGAN – Michiana Hot Wheelers – Jim Baldwin, Monthly 2nd Sat. E-mail for info jabaldwin1@frontier.com

MICHIGAN – Detroit Rocks City Hot Wheels Club – Joe Alvarado, Monthly E-mail for info loride57@gmail.com

MINNESOTA – Northland Diecast Collectors – Kevin Marsh, Monthly E-mail for info hwrcool@charter.net

MISSOURI – Gateway Hot Wheelers – Chris Cozen, Bi-Monthly E-mail for info ghwcmike@aol.com

MISSOURI – MO – KAN Hot Wheelers – Kevin Zwart, Monthly E-mail for info kzcars@yahoo.com

MISSOURI – St. Louis Hot Wheels Club – Hardy Adams, monthly 3rd Sunday E-mail for info hardyadams@outlook.com

MISSOURI – Southern Missouri Collectors Club – Troy Craig, Monthly 1st Sat E-mail for info Logantwlve@juno.com

NEW JERSEY – New Jersey Diecast Collectible Club – Carl Pomponio, Monthly 2nd Wed. E-mail for info hwcarl@comcast.net www.njdcc.webs.com

OHIO – Greater Cincinnati HWC – Elliot Bravely, gchwclub@gmail.com

OHIO – North East Ohio Diecast Collectors NEODC – Justin Lacquement, Monthly 2nd Sat. E-mail for info clevelanddiecastshow@yahoo.com

OHIO – Mid-Ohio Hot Wheelers – John Bloom, Monthly jbloom@neo.rr.com

ONTARIO CANADA – Ontario Northern Lights HW Club – Doug Woods, Quarterly E-mail for info fraserwoodsinc@sympatico.ca

RHODE ISLAND – Hot Wheels Club of Rhode Island – Jim Lombari, Monthly E-mail for info jlhotwheel@cox.net www.rihwclub.com

TEXAS – Space City Hot Wheels Collectors – Monthly E-mail for info chazz63@msn.com

TEXAS – South Texas Diecast – Robert Graves, Monthly robinator@swbell.net

TEXAS – Bayou City Hot Wheels Collector Club – Ervin Reeves, monthly E-mail for info administrator@bayoucityhwcc.com

TEXAS – San Antonio Hot Wheels Collectors Club – Dr. Greg E. Sedbrook, Usually 1st weekend of the month. E-mail for info: diecast@gregsedbrook.com

UTAH – Salt Flat Hot Wheelers – Randy Muir, Bi-Monthly E-mail for info flyingmur@msn.com

VIRGINIA – Winchester/Shenandoah Valley Hot Wheels Club – Dan Hammond II, 3rd Sunday of the month E-mail for info hwdan2@comcast.net

WISCONSIN – MADCC (Milwaukee) – Scott Moen, 2nd Sunday of the month E-mail for info ANVPNY@sbcglobal.net

No chapter near you? We can help you start one! It’s simple, It’s fun and you’ll meet even MORE Hot Wheels(R) like yourself. For information contact Carl Pomponio for all the information you’ll need.

Chapter Coordinator: Carl Pomponio
44 Hillcrest Ave., Cranford, NJ 07016
Cell 908-499-9028 ♦ E-mail hwcarl@comcast.net