HW40 – 75mm – 2008

Made in Thailand concept car has a metal body with a plastic base, interior, windows and hood.
Note: The front of the casting has been modified to shorten the plastic hood .

 a. satin green, flat black base, chrome int., blue windows,  details, cm6gy/rd-rim. Designers Challenge series $2 – 4
a2. satin green, as a, black int., clear windows, cm6gy, Designers Challenge 7-car set excl. (2008) 10 – NA
b. met blue, as a, clear windows, Designers Challenge 2 – 4
c. black, as a, clear windows, Designers Challenge 2 – 4
d. red, chrome base,  black int., clear windows, cm6gy/bk-rim, Th. Designers Challenge 5 – 7
 e. candy blue, black base and int., clear windows, os5bk/rd-rim, Th. Easter 8-pack (2009) 2 – NA
 f. pearl white, red base, chrome int., tinted windows, gray, black, and red stripes w/”HW40” on sides, pr5gd, Mal. HW Design #098 (2009) 1 – 2
g. black, bright orange base, chrome int., blue windows, white, orange and black, stripes and “40” on sides, os5bk/rd-rim, Mal. HW Video Game Heroes #233 (2011) 1 – 2
 h. mf red, as g, yellow base, clear windows, yellow replaces orange in design, os5bk/wh-rim, Mal. Mystery Models #22 (2011) 2 – 4
 i. mf green, , black base, chrome int., yellow windows, white, yellow, purple, and blue design on top and sides, ”Mardi Gras 2012” on sides, pr5pu Th. Mardi Gras (2012) 2 – 4
 j. matte black, clear yellow base and windows, chrome int., yellow, white, red, and gray Hot Wheels design w/”99″ on sides, “Classified” on passenger side, clear yellow os5, Th. HWTF Hot Wheels Test Facility 5-pack (2013) 2 – NA
k. satin gray, red base, chrome int., red windows, black, white, red and yellow, Hot Wheels graphic design, Hot Wheels logo on sides, flames on hood, Team Hot Wheels logo on roof, red sp3, Th. Team Hot Wheels intl. (2014) 10 – 20
 l. mf dk. blue, clear blue base, green int., tinted windows, met green stripes on sides and met blue stripes on hood, green pr5bk, Mal. HW Race – Trill Racers #157 (2014) 1 – 2
 m. candy red, lt. gold base, chrome int., yellow windows, black. gold, and yellow design on roof and sides, “Iron Man” on sides, os5gd, Th. Captain America Civil War 5-pack Walmart excl. (2016) 3 – NA
 n. mf green, dk gray base, chrome int., tinted windows, yellow, orange, and white stripes and 50th logo on sides, pr5or rear / pr5yw front, Indo. 50th Track Stars 5-pack (2018) 2 – NA

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