Haulin’ Gas – 85mm – 2011

This Thailand made custom tanker has a metal body and base, plastic interior and windows.
Also known as: Soda Popper (2014)

Haulin' Gas (a) (2) a. yellow, brown int., clear windows, red, white, and brown Milk Duds design on sides and back, details, rr5sp. Nostalgic Brands – Hershey’s (2011) $3 – 5
Haulin' Gas (b) b. tan, metal base, chrome int., clear windows, brown, white and tan, Carvel Ice Cream design w/ ice cream sandwiches on sides, details, rrld, Th. Nostalgic Brands – Carvel Ice Cream (2012) 2 – 5
Haulin' Gas (c) c. pearl white and pearl yellow, metal base, chrome int., clear windows, mf black on roof, yellow, red, white, and black Felix the Cat design on sides, rr5sp, Th. Pop Culture – Comic (2013) 2 – 5
Haulin' Gas (d) d. white and turquoise, metal base, green int., clear windows, green, yellow and dk. green Green Giant design, rr10spwl, Th. Pop Culture – General Mills (2013) 2 – 5
Haulin' Gas (e) e. mf lt. blue, metal base, purple int., clear windows, multicolor The Flintstones design, details, tan rrldtn, Th. Pop Culture – Hanna-Barbera (2013) 2 – 5
Haulin' Gas (f) f. mf white, and green, metal base, lt blue int., clear windows, multicolor Peanuts design w/Charlie Brown and Lucy on sides, rr5sprl, Th. Pop Culture – Peanuts (2014) 2 – 5
Haulin' Gas (g) g. mf gold, metal base, gold chrome int., tinted windows, Star Wars CP30 character on sides, black trim and details, rr5spgdwl, Th. Pop Culture – Star Wars (2015) 2 – 5
 h. zamac, metal base, blue int., tinted windows, multicolor Marvel The Punisher! design, rr5sp, Th. Pop Culture – Marvel (2016) 2 – 5
 j. lt blue, metal base, white int., tinted windows, black, white, orange and red, Mad design with “Shoink” on sides, Mad on back, details, rr10spwl, Th. Pop Culture – Mad Magazine (2017) 3 – 6
 k. lt. blue, metal base, silver int., tinted windows, Superman character on sides, details, Th. Alex Ross DC Heroes #2 (2018) 3 – 5

Bonus Picture

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