Dawgzilla – 69mm – 2016

This Malaysia made concept muscle truck has a metal body with a plastic base, interior, and windows.

Dawgzilla (a) a. red, black base, chrome int., tinted windows, black, white, red, and yellow design and Hot Wheels logo on sides, BlOr. #149 $1 – 2
 b. lt. green, as a, black, and yellow design BlOr/yw,  #149 $1 – 2
 c. lt blue, black base, red int., yellow windows, black, white, and yellow checkerboard and “5” on sides, BlOr/yw rear/ BlOr/wh front, Mal. HW Daredevils #90 (2017) 1 – 2
 d. mf bronze, black base, red int., yellow windows, design and “Junglezilla” on sides, BlOr/gd, Mal. Jungle Rally 5-pack (2018) 2 – NA

2 thoughts on “Dawgzilla – 69mm – 2016

  1. I am desperate to find a Green DAWGZILLA Hot Wheels car as my young grandson has lost his while out shopping can you please help me find one to replace the lost one or if possible send me one in the post at what ever cost

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