Custom GMC Panel Van – 75mm – 2011

The Malaysia made GMC van has metal body with spoiler, plastic base,  interior, push bar,and windows with sunroof and fog lights.
Also known as: A Team Van.

Custom GMC Panel Van (a) a. black, black base, int., and push bar, blue windows, red stripe on front, sides, and spoiler, red “GMC” on grille, sp5rd. 2011 New Models #39 $1 – 2
a2. black, as a, red stripe and “GMC” missing on front. 2011 New Models #39 3 – 5
a3. black, as a, brown push bar. 2011 New Models #39 10 – 20
Custom GMC Panel Van (b) b. mf black, black metal base, black int., tinted windows, red stripe on hood, sides, and roof, details, rrtbrdbfg, Mal. Pop Culture – The A Team (2013) 2 – 5
Custom GMC Panel Van (c) c. mf black, as b, added brown mud spray, rrtbrdbfg, Mal. San Diego Comic Con excl. (2013) 25 – 50
 d. mf orange, metal base, silver int., tinted windows, multicolor Runts design on back and sides, rrstl, Th. Pop Culture – Nestles (2018) 2 – 5
 e. spec red, black metal base, tinted windows, blue, black, red, and yellow Hot Wheels logo, flames and “4” on sides, and rear, rr5sp, Mal, Collectors Editions mail-in #4 (2018) 15 – 25
f. pearl white, metal base, blue int., blue windows, black, blue and red, Beatles Help design on sides, “The Beatles” on rear door, rrtb, Th. Pop Culture – The Beatles #2 (2019) 3 – 6

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