Cool-One – 59mm  – 2004

This Malaysia made modified Ice Cream truck has a metal body with a with a plastic base, engine, interior and windows.
Note: A metal base was tooled in 2012.

Cool-One (a) a. white, chrome base and engine, orange, white interior, orange tinted windows red and brown “Ice Cream” and “Cool One” on sides, pr5. 2004 First Editions, #100 $ 1 – 3
a2. white, as a, sp5. 2004 First Editions, #100 1 – 3
Cool-One (b) b. mf pink, clear blue base, black int., yellow windows, clear blue engine and scoops, white, black, yellow, orange and red design w/”Deliciously Demented” on roof and “Eye Scream 3” on sides, pr5gd, Mal. Crazed Clowns II #113 (2005) 2 – 5
b2. mf pink, as b, chrome base, pr5gd, Mal. Crazed Clowns II #113 (2005)
Cool-One (b3) b3. mf pink, as b, blue chrome base, pr5gd, Mal. Crazed Clowns II #113 (2005) 2 – 6
c. mf silver, chrome base, gray int., red windows, blue, black, white and red Hot Wheels logo and “Die-cast Delivery” on sides, os5, Ch. Urban 5-pack (2006) 2 – NA
d. chrome, satin chrome base, chrome int., red windows, red, white and blue “Hot Wheels” on sides, “Design Awards 2005” on sides and roof, os5gd, Mal. Mattel (2006)
Cool-One (e) e. mf purple, chrome base, black int., red windows, white, lt. blue and black, design w/”Mr. Freeze”, pr5, Ch. Mr. Freeze Escapes 2-pack (2007) 4 – 15
Cool-One (f) f. white, chrome  base, black int., blue windows, chrome scoops, multicolor San Diego Padres baseball and Drumstick design, w/”Ice Cream Delivery Truck” on sides, pr5, Mal. San Diego Padres baseball promo (2008) 5 – 15
Cool-One (g) g. mf gold, chrome base, pearl white int., clear windows, dk. green and white design, w/”Wisconsin Famous Cheese” and “30” on sides, “Brats or Bust!” on roof, pr5, Mal. Connect Cars #30 (2009) 5 – 12
Cool-One (h) h. pearl white, dk. gray base, gold int., green windows, lt. green scoops, green gold and black bug design w/”Exterminator” on sides, pr5gd, Th. Insectirides 5-pack (2010) 2 – NA
i. mf yellow, metal base, black int., tinted windows, chrome scoops, black and white Mooneyes design, rr5spyl, Th. Slick Rides Delivery #16 (2010) 3 – 7
Cool-One (j) j. satin gray, as h, yellow int., clear windows, yellow scoops, rr5spwl, Th. Slick Rides Delivery #16 (2010) 3 – 7
Cool-One (k) k. mf dk. blue, chrome base and int., blue windows and scoops, yellow, blue and silver, design w/ “SWAT” and “Tactical Rescue” on sides, pr5bk/wh-rim, Mal. HW City Works #175 (2011) 1 – 2
l. mf green, chrome base and engine, dk. green scoops and int., clear windows, os5yw, Mal. HW CODE Cars #245 (2012) 1 – 2
Cool-One (l2) l2. mf green, as l, lt. green scoops, dk. green int., os5yw, Mal. 10-pack (2012) 2 – NA
Cool-One (l3) l3. mf green, as l, sp5yw, Mal. 10-pack (2012) 2 – NA
Cool-One (m) m. green, metal base and engine, black int., red windows, chrome scoops, multicolor centipede design and “Centipede” on sides, Atari logo on roof, sides, and rear, rr5spgl, Th. Nostalgic Brands – Atari (2012) 2 – 4
Cool-One (n) n. black, metal base and engine, blue int., blue windows, chrome scoops, multicolor Catwoman design w/”Catwoman” on rear and sides, dd5rrbusl, Th. Pop Culture (2013) 2 – 5
Cool-One (o) o. yellow, black base and scoops, chrome int. and windows, blue, black, and plum design w/”Stunt” on sides, pr5bu, Mal. HW Stunt – Stunt Circuit #77 (2013) 1 – 2
Cool-One (p) p. satin black, silver base, chrome int. and windows, clear orange scoops, met blue, orange, and white design and Hot Wheels logo on sides, orange os5wh, Mal. HW Off-Road – Hot Wheels Test Facility #118 (2014) 1 – 2
Cool-One (q) q. mf white, metal base, yellow int., pink windows, chrome hood scoops,  multicolor Tom and Jerry design on rear and sides, stripes on roof, rr5sprl, Th. Pop Culture – Hanna-Barbera (2014) 3 – 5
Cool-One (r) r. pearl white, black base, gold chrome int., clear blue scoops, clear blue os5gd, Th. Workshop – Color Reveal Design Kit 2 (2014) 5 – NA
Cool-One (s)s. white, purple base, chrome int., and windows, blue scoops, pink, blue, lt green and black design w/”Cool One Ice Cream, Sundaes-Shakes-Cones on sides, blue os5wh, Mal. HW City – Hw City Works #3 (2015) 1 – 2
Cool-One (t) t. lt blue  as s, yellow scoops, yellow, blue, lt blue, and white design yellow os5wh, Mal. HW City – Hw City Works #3 (2015) 1 – 2
Cool-One (u)  u. mf red, metal base, green  int., clear windows, chrome hood scoops,  multicolor Super Mario Bros. 2 design on sides, rrsp5, Th. Pop Culture – Nintendo (2015) 3 – 6
Cool-One (v) v. red, blue base, int., and windows, yellow scoops, black, green, yellow, blue, and olive “Super Mario” on sides, white “M” on hood, blue sp5yw, Mal. HW Screen Time #224 (2016) 1 – 2
 y. yellow, as w, blue base, black, red, blue, and white graphics, white os5bk rear / red os5bk front, Mal. HW Art Cars Kmart excl. (2017) 1 – 2
 z. mf gray, black base, brown int., and windows, lt. gray scoops,
black, white, orange, and cream Mayor design on sides, os5bk/ch-rim, Indo. The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Anni. #4 (2018) 1 – 3
 aa. mf green, black base, chrome int., red scoops, black, rd, silver, and white Hulk design on sides, “Thor Ragnarok” on roof, os5gd, Mal. Marvel Thor Ragnarok 5-pack (2018) 3 – NA

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