Classic Nomad – 70mm – 1993

This China made model is a remake of the 1974 issue and is based on the 1955 station wagon. It has a metal body and base with a plastic interior and windows. The Hot Wheels logo and “25th Anniversary” are etched on the base.
Similar castings: Classic Nomad (1970), Alive ’55 (1973) ’55 Nomad (1991)

Note: This model was retooled in 2018. Hood was cast shut and the front end was modified.
a. met lime, metal base, white int., blue windows, bwrl, 25th Anniversary $3 – 5
Classic Nomad (b) b. met purple 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (c) c. met aqua 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (d) d. met lt. blue 3 – 5
e. met magenta 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (f) f. met orange 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (g) g. met green 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (h) h. met olive 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (i) i. met red 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (j) j. met brown 3 – 5
k. met gold 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (l) l. dk. blue 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (m) m. met lavender, Toys “R” Us 8-pack 3 – NA
Classic Nomad (n) n. mf turquoise, white int., clear windows, white Hot Wheels logo on top, bwgdwl. Gold Series Collection 16-pack, LE3000 (1994) 6 – NA
Classic Nomad (o)o. mf blue, as a, white Hot Wheels logo on passenger side, Vintage on base, bwrl. Vintage (1996) 3 – 5
 p. mf yellow 3 – 5
q. mf turquoise 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (r) r. mf aqua 3 – 5
 s. mf pink 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (t) t. mf black 3 – 5
u. black, white top, red int., clear windows, bwgdwl, Ch. Seattle Toy Show, LE7000 (1995) 25 – 30
Classic Nomad (v) v. gold-plated, white int., lt. blue windows, red Hot Wheels logo in back of roof, bwgdrl, Ch. F.A.O. Schwartz Gold Collection II 16-pack, LE4000 (1995) 6 – NA
v2. 24k gold-plated, as v, black int., gold Hot Wheels logo on passenger side window, bwgdwl. Ch.  FAO Schwartz 24k gold 3-car set. (1995) 20 – NA
Classic Nomad (w) w. turquoise and white, white int., clear windows, bw, Ch. Mattel bonus car, baggy (1996) 6 – NA
x. met gold, red int., clear windows, red sparkle design on sides and hood, red “1996” on sun roof, green, white, and brown Christmas tree on roof, presents in back, bwgnrl, Ch. Red display box w/ornament, Christmas season (1996) 5 – 8
y. met blue, as x, yellow int., gold sparkle design, bwrdrl, Ch. Red display box w/ornament, Christmas season (1996) 5 – 8
z. orange, tan int., clear windows, gold, purple, and dk. magenta flames on sides, roof, and front, sp5, Ch. Real Rods 3-pack (1996) 10 – NA
aa. mf blue, white int., clear windows, yellow, white, red, and black design w/”1″, “Hot Wheels” and racing decals on sides, bwgyte, Ch. Vintage Series 4-pack (1996) 6 – NA
ab. met aqua, white int., clear windows, multicolor design w/Hot Wheels logo, redline wheel and smoke on doors, bw, Ch. Boxed with a Hot Wheels watch (1997) 25 – NA
ac. met green, white int., clear windows, bwrl, Ch. 30th Anniversary bp in window box (1998) 3 – 5
ad. mf dk. red, white roof, white int., clear windows, white, silver, and black 1998 Convention logo, rrrl, Ch. 1998 Collector’s Convention LE2000 (1998) 20 – 25
ae. white and black, black int, clear windows, w/multicolor City of Pueblo Colorado Police design, rr, Ch. Cop Rods series 1 LE25,000 (1999) 3 – 5
Classic Nomad (af) af. yellow, white roof, white int., aqua windows, black and white JC Whitney logo on sides, rrgyt, Ch. JC Whitney LE in box (1999) 12 – 15
 ag. turquoise, as af, rrgyt, Ch. JC Whitney LE in box (1999) 12 – 15
ah. red, white int., clear windows, white and yellow flames on sides, ww, Ch. Target V-8 3-pack (1999) 8 – NA
ai. spec. red, metal base, peach int., clear windows, yellow, orange, and red flames on sides, red “Club” logo on rear fenders, rrrl, Ch. HWC, 2004 sELECTIONs LE10,871 (2004) 15 – 20
aj. chrome and orange chrome, metal base, tan int., clear windows, opening hood, RLC Club logo on sides, neo, Ch. RLC Rewards #1 LE5972 (2009) 10 – 20
Classic Nomad (ak) ak. black, metal base, black int., tinted windows, red, yellow, and white flames on hood, roof, and sides, 28th Convention logo on roof, details, rr5sp, Th. 28th Annual Collectors Convention #2000 (2014) 15 – 30
al. candy blue, chrome base, black int., orange windows, orange and yellow flames, on hood, and sides, sp5or, Mal. HW Flames #146, (2018) 1 – 2
 am. orange, as al, yellow windows, green and yellow flames, sp5yw, Mal. HW Flames #349 (2018) 1 – 2
 an. zamac, as al, blue windows, black and met blue flames, sp5, Mal. HW Flames Kmart excl. (2018) 1 – 3

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