Bubble Gunner – 78mm – 1979

This Hong Kong made concept car has a metal base, exposed chrome plastic engine, yellow-tinted plastic dome, chrome plastic interior, and.
Note: Retooled in 2011.

 a. magenta, metal base, chrome int., and engine, yellow dome, orange, yellow and white stars and stripes on top, bw. Classy Customs. $10 – 15
b. lt. green, as a, blue replaces orange in design (1980) 10 – 15
b2. lt. green, as b, Mal. (1980) 10 – 15
c. yellow, black base, clear dome,  red int., gray motor, white, dk. red and orange design on top, bw, Speed Machines (1983) 20 – 30
c2. yellow, as c, maroon base (1983) 50 – 80
c3. yellow as c, chrome motor (1983) 60 – 100
 d. pearl white, metal base, gray int., red dome, red and blue stars and stripes on top, bw, Th. The Hot Ones series (2012) 2 – 4
d2. pearl white, as d, bwrl, Th. The Hot Ones series (2012) 4 – 7
 e. mf pink, metal base, pink int., pink dome, red and burgundy design on top, bw, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 2 – 4
Bubble Gunner (f) f. mf lt. gold, metal base, white int., red dome red orange and black flames on top, stripes on siders, rr5sp, Th. Heritage  #1 (2015) 2  – 4
 g. black, red base, black int., green dome. red, white green, and yellow “Marvin the Martian” and character on top, sp5, Mal. Looney Tunes #7 (2018) 1 – 3

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