Batmobile (Batman Begins) – 65mm – 2005

Made in China this is a model of the Batman Begins movie Batmobile has a metal body with a, plastic base, interior, and windows.
Also known as: The Dark Knight Batmobile (2012) The Tumbler (2014)
Also used in the Color Shifters line.
Note: The casting change to a plastic body and metal base in 2012

 a. flat black, black base, tinted chrome int., blue windows, sp5bkch. Batman Begins bp w/figure $5 – 8
b. flat tan, tan base, tan int., blue windows, olive camouflage, sp5bkch, Ch. Batman Begins bp w/figure (2005) 5 – 8
c. chrome, chrome base and int., sp5bkch, Ch. San Diego Comic Con LE3,000 (2009) 10 – 20
 d. flat black, black base, chrome int., blue windows, sp5bkch, Ch. Gotham City 5-pack (2007) 3 – NA
 d2. flat black, as d, sp5bk, Th. Gotham City 5-pack (2007) 3 – 6
d3. flat black, as d, yellow chrome int., sp5bk, Ch. Action Duos 2-pack (2008) 3 – 6
 e. met gray, as dsp5bk, Ch. Batman Begins Gotham City Chase playset (2005) 50 – 175
 f. flat black plastic, metal base, gold windows, black interior, or6/ch-rim rear and os5bk/ch-rim front Th. Batman 5-pack (2012) 2 – NA
 g. tan, flat black metal base, chrome int., clear windows, tan camouflage design, or6bk rear and mc5bk front Mal. HW City Batman #63 (2014)1-3
h. black, flat black metal base, chrome int., blue windows, or6ch/rim rear and mc5bk/ch-rim front, sp5, Th. Batman #3 (2015) 1 – 3
Batmobile (Batman Begins) (i) i. flat tan, tan metal base, tinted chrome int., tinted windows, mf brown camouflage design, ortbk rear and rrbk front, Mal. Entertainment The Dark Knight (2015) 2 – 6
 j. black, satin black base, chrome int., red windows, or6/rd-rim rear / mc5bk/rd-rim front, Mal. Batman #228 (2016) 1 – 3
 k. dk. blue, as j, blue windows, or6/gy-rim rear / mc5/gy-rim front, Mal. Batman #228 (2016) 1 – 3
 l. pearl gold, satin gold metal base, brown windows, os5bk/gd-rim, Mal. Mystery Models #3 (2017) 2 – NA
 m. camouflage tan, flat black metal base, chrome int., tinted windows, or6bk rear / stl8bk front. Th. Batman series #4 (2018)1 – 3