Barbaric – 74mm – 2009

This Malaysia made fantasy car has metal body with a plastic base, top rail, interior, and windows.

Barbaric (a) a. pink, black base and top rail, chrome, tinted windows, w/black and gray stripes w/”Barbaric” on sides, os5bk/ch-rim. 2009 News Models #028
Barbaric (b) b. mf silver, black base and top rail, chrome int., red windows, red, black and white flames and HW logo on sides, pr5bk/rd-rim, Mal. Truckin’ Transporters – Rumble Road (2010) 3 – 6
Barbaric (c) c. flat brown, dk. gray base and top rail, chrome int., yellow windows, gold, silver, and black tribal flames on sides, mc5bk/gd-rim, Mal. HW Video Game Heroes (2011) 1 – 2
Barbaric (d) d. yellow, blue base, gray top rail, chrome int., blue windows, blue, silver, black and white “00”, lightning bolts and target on sides, pr5bk/yw-rim, Th. Demolition Derby 5-pack (2012) 2 – NA
Barbaric (e) e. mf purple, white base, orange top rail, gray int., orange windows, silver stripes and orange and yellow flames on sides, pr5bk/yw-rim, Th. Attack Pack 5-pack (2014) 2 – NA
Barbaric (f) f. white, gray metal base, red top rail, black int., blue windows, yellow, black, and orange stripes, flames, and “Experimental” on sides, clear blue pr5bk, Th. Color Splash Science Lab 5-pack (2015) 2 – NA
 g. flat orange, black base, green top rail, tinted windows, black and ivory Star Wars Yoda design, os5gn, Th. Star Wars Original Characters #4 (2018) 1 – 2

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