’71 Plymouth Satellite – 80mm – 2013

This Malaysia made station wagon has a metal body and base, with a plastic interior and shaker hood and windows.

'71 Plymouth Satellite (a) a. pearl mf gold, metal base, gold int., clear windows, details, rrscwl. Retro Entertainment – The Brady Bunch (2013) $4 – 9
'71 Plymouth Satellite (b) b. mf red and black, metal base, black int., clear windows, multicolor Tasmanian Devil design on sides, stripes on hood, “Looney Tunes” and stripes on tailgate, details, rrscwl. Pop Culture – Looney Tunes (2013) 3 – 5
 c. black, metal base, black int., clear windows, flat black, yellow and red flames on hood and sides prr, Mal. Heritage – Real Riders #10 (2015) 2 – 4
 d. white, red roof, metal base, black int., tinted windows, red and blue stars and stripes flames on hood and sides, sp5rd, Mal. Star and Stripes series Walmart excl. (2016) 2 – 4
 e. mf gold, metal base, black int., purple windows, black, red, and gray ribbon design on hood and sides, “Mummy Motors” ion sides, sklbk, Mal. Halloween #3 Kroger excl. (2017) 2 – 4
 f. mf yellow, metal base, black int., clear windows, white, orange, and blue Butterfinger design on rear and sides, rr, Th. Pop Culture – Nestles (2018) 2 – 5
g. mf yellow, metal base, gray int., clear windows, gold stripes on hood, multi-color X-men graphics on sides, rr10spgy, Th. Hot Wheels Premium – Marvel – X-Men #2 (2019) 3 – 6

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