’67 Ford Bronco – 61mm – 2011

This Malaysia made 4-wheel drive Ford truck has metal body and base, plastic interior and windows.

a. satin red, metal base, black int., tinted windows, silver roof, silver stripes on hood and sides, rrsltor. Hot Wheels Garage – Ford vs. Chevy 20-pack #05 (2011) 15 – 25
a2. satin red, as a, rr5or, Hot Wheels Garage – Ford vs. Chevy 20-pack #05 (2011) 15 – 25
b. mf aqua, as a, gray int., clear windows, white roof, white and silver panels on sides, rr5or. Hot Wheels Garage – Ford #05 (2011) 7 – 15
c. mf green, as a, black stripes and flames on hood, roof,  and sides, rrsltor. Hot Wheels Garage – 30-car set #05 (2011) 10 – 20
d. flat tan, flat black roof, as a, silver, white, red, and black stripes and ’67 on hood and sides, “427” on hood, “Vetuskey Off-Road Products” on sides, rr5or. Hot Wheels Garage #05 (2011) 20 – 30
e. slate blue and lt. blue, metal base, gold int., clear windows, black and gold spade w/wings and “13” on sides, star and flames on hood, a lady, horseshoe, and “Lucky Lady” on roof, rr5or, Th. Nostalgic Brands – Nose Art (2012) 7 – 15
 f. yellow, metal base, black int., blue windows, whit and orange stripes on hood, roof, and sides, Archie comics logo on roof, “Archie”, “R” and character on sides, rr5or, Th. Pop Culture – Archie (2013) 2 – 5
 g. black and yellow, red roof, metal base, red int., blue windows, white, red, gray, black, and tan Daredevil design on sides, rr5or/Marvel Comics, Th. Pop Culture – Marvel (2014) 2 – 5
 h. mf blue, blue roof, metal base, lt. blue int., blue windows, multicolor SpongeBob character design on hood and sides, rr5or, Th. Nickelodeon – SpongeBob SquarePants (2015) 3 – 5
 i. mf blue, black roof, metal base, black int., tinted windows, black, orange, and red flame on hood, roof,  and sides, Nationals logo on the roof,  rr5or, Th. 15th Annual Collectors Nationals #3 LE2000 (2015) 15 – 25
 j. black, metal base, blue int., tinted windows, blue stripes on roof and sides, multicolor Star Wars design on sides, rr5orbl, Th. Pop Culture – Star Wars  (2016) 2 – 5
 k. red and mf purple, metal base, white int., clear windows, yellow, white, and blue Pixy Stix design on sides, rrsltor, Th. Pop Culture – Nestlé  (2017) 2 – 5
l. spec orange and white, metal base, white int., tinted windows, blue, red, and white stripes, Hot Wheels logo and “1” on sides, rr5or, Mal. Collectors Edition mail-in (2019) 15 – 25

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