’65 Dodge Coronet AWB A/FX – 81mm – 2009

This Thailand made AWS Dodge has a metal body and base with a plastic interior, windows, and exposed engine.

  a. mf white, metal base, white int., clear windows, chrome engine, black gold and red “Dave Strickler”, “Dodge and race decals on sides, “Dodge” on roof, rrwh rear / rr5spgy/ch-rim front. Dragstrip Demons #10 (2009) $3 – 10
 b. mf silver, black hood and roof, metal base, black int., tinted windows, black, red, and white Landy’s Dodge racing design, prrgy/ch-rim, Th. Dragstrip Demons #15 (2009) 3 – 6
 c. mf green, w/multicolor Stacked Deck race design, Dragstrip Demons #17/25 (2010) (Note: This is #18 for the 2009 series) 10 – 15
 d. red and white, w/blue and black The Honker race design, rrwh rear / dd5rrgy/ch-rim front, Th. Dragstrip Demons #16 (2010) 4 – 10
e. mf yellow, metal base, white int., blue windows, chrome engine, black, gray. black, and gold “Dave Strickler”, “Dodge and decals on sides, rrwh rear / prrgd front, Th. Car Culture – Dragstrip Demons #3 (2018) 3 – 6

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