’64 Chevy Nova Delivery – 75mm – 2015

This Thailand made delivery has a metal body and base with a plastic  interior and windows.
Similar casting: ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon – 2013

'64 Chevy Nova Delivery (a) a. mf gold, metal base, black int., red windows, red, white, blue, yellow, and brown Spider-Man design on sides, stripes on hood and roof, lgrrrl. Pop Culture – Marvel (2015) $2 – 5
 b. red, metal base, red int., tinted windows, red, white, black, yellow, and dk. red panels on hood and sides, 100 Grand logo on sides, rr5spgdwl. Pop Culture – Nestle (2016) 2 – 5
 c. yellow and white, metal base, yellow int., clear windows, red, tan, blown and white, Alfred E. Neuman character and “What Me Worry” on sides, “MAD” on roof and tailgate. rrlwrl, Th. Pop Culture – Mad Magazine (2017) 3 – 6
 d. brown and white, metal base, white int., blue windows, lt. blue, blue, and white snowflakes on hood and sides, “Sno-Caps” and stripes on sides, prrwl. Th. Pop Culture – Nestles (2018) 2 – 5
e. mf lt. green, metal base, gray int., clear windows, white stripes on hood, multi-color X-men graphics on sides, rrlwgy, Th. Hot Wheels Premium – Marvel – X-Men #1 (2019) 3 – 6

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