’49 Ford F1 – 73mm – 2014

This Thailand made Ford pickup has a metal body and base plastic interior and windshield.
'49 Ford F1 (a) a. tan and brown, stlrrwl, Hanna-Barbera – Yogi Bear $2 – 5
'49 Ford F1 (b) b. tan and blue, metal base, silver int., clear windows, brown, tan, and blue flames and “Dove” on sides, deco stripes on hood and tailgate, rr5spwl, Th. Pop Culture – Mars (2015) 2 – 5
'49 Ford F1 (c) c. silver, metal base, red int., clear windows, magenta pinstripes on hood, roof,  and sides, black and red “Red Line Salvage Since 1968” on sides,  bwrl, Th. Heritage – Redline #3 (2015) 2 – 4
'49 Ford F1 (cd) d. flat black, chrome base, red int., clear windows, red and white pinstripes and “El Segundo Speed Shop” on sides, sp5rd, Mal. Hot Trucks 5-pack (2016) 3 – NA
 e. flat black, orange base and int., clear windows, orange and ivory design and “Halloween” on sides, sklwh, Mal. Halloween #4 Kroger excl. (2017) 2 – 4
 f. mf red, chrome base, black int., clear windows, tan and yellow flames on hood and sides, stl8, Mal.  HW Flames #85 (2018) 1 – 3

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