’49 Ford C.O.E. – 81mm – 2010

This Thailand made Ford delivery truck has a metal body and base, plastic box, interior, and windows.

 a. pearl white, metal base, red box, chrome int., clear windows, orange front fenders, orange, white and black Phillips 66 logo on sides, rr5sp. Hot Wheels Delivery #31 (2010) $3 – 5
 b. red, as a, black box and fenders, rr5sp, Th. Hot Wheels Delivery #31(2010) 3 – 5
 c. mf brown and yellow, metal base, chrome int., clear windows, yellow box, brown, red, and white Milk Duds design, rr5spyl, Th. Hot Wheels Delivery 20-car box set (2010) 7 – NA
 d. pearl white, red fenders, metal base, chrome int., clear windows, red box, “Master of the Universe Transport” on doors,  Master of the Universe graphic on box. rr5sp, Th. Nostalgic Brand – Master of the Universe (2011) 3 – 5
e. mf red, metal base, gray int., clear windows, red box, multi-color Cinnamon Toast Crunch design on sides, rr5sp gdl, Th. Nostalgic Brand – General Mills (2011) 3 – 5
 f. red, metal base, chrome int., clear windows, black box, white Atari logo on door, red, yellow, and lt. green bricks and “Breakout” on sides, rrld, Th. Nostalgic Brand – Atari (2012) 3 – 5
 g. orange and blue, metal base, chrome int., blue windows, orange box, blue, white, yellow and orange Kix design on sides, rrldol, Th. Pop Culture – General Mills (2013) 2 – 4
 h. mf turquoise, metal base, chrome int., yellow windows, gray box, multicolor Star Trek and Captain Kirk design on sides, rrlgwl, Th. Pop Culture – Star Trek (2014) 2 – 4
 i. white,  metal base, chrome int., tinted windows, gray box, multicolor Penguin design on sides, rrldwh, Th. Pop Culture – Batman Classic TV series (2015) 2 – 4
j. mf blue, metal base, black int., clear windows, gray box, multi-color X-men graphics on sides, rr5spgy, Th. Hot Wheels Premium – Marvel – X-Men #1 (2019) 3 – 6

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