The big news was the Purple Passion. For about the first nine months of production, this model could not be located on toy store shelves. Collectors and dealers grabbed every one they could find. Some collectors panicked, paying up to twenty dollars at toy shows, only to see prices plummet as Mattel filled the distribution pipeline. This was also the year the California Custom series was introduced. These models had hot paint jobs, wild tampoes, custom wheels, and a collectors’ button. Hot Wheels cereal was in grocery stores, and it was the first time Mattel actually put cars in cereal boxes. Finally, the first aircraft, a helicopter, appeared in the regular line.

BMW 323 – 75mm – 1990 – LIST
Firebird (Camaro Wind) – 75mm – 1990 – LIST
Mini Truck  – 70mm – 1990 – LIST
Nissan 300ZX – 70mm – 1990 – LIST
Probe Funny Car – 80mm – 1990
Propper Chopper – 74mm – 1990
Purple Passion  – 75mm – 1990
Range Rover – 70mm – 1990
T-Bird Stocker – 78mm – 1990 (plastic body)
T-Bird Stocker – 78mm – 1990