1941 Ford Pickup – 71mm – 2003

This Malaysia made model is a pro street pickup has a metal body with a plastic base, interior, and windows.
1941 Ford Pickup (a) a. black and yellow, yellow base, chrome int., clear windows, silver Hot Wheels logo, yellow and brown “Flying 41” on roof, sp5.  2003 First Editions #053 1 – 3
1941 Ford Pickup (b) b. flat black and yellow, as a, sp5, 2003 First Editions #053 1 – 3
 c. flat green, chrome base, engine and int., purple windows, white, yellow, purple and red design w/”41 Ford” and Hot Wheels logo on door, pr5, Ch. Truckus 500 5-pack (2004) 2 – NA
 c2. flat green, as c, tinted chrome base engine and int., tinted windows, pr5, Ch. 20-pack gift set (2006) 3 – NA
 d. mf orange, black base, chrome engine and int., tinted windows, white brown, and black stripes on sides, sp5, Th. Ford #3 (2018) 1 – 3

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