13th Annual Collectors Nationals Custom Car Contest

So you’re coming to the Convention this September and you want to enter the Custom Car Contest. Well you may want to know what it takes. There are some of the best amateurs to pro customizers in the world that will attend this event. With well over 100 entries the judges, which include past custom winners, the Nationals staff, and Mattel designers had their work cut out for them to choose a winner and picked these as the best of the bunch. From simple paint jobs to all out sculpting of  many Hot Wheels parts into one model. Take some time and enjoy looking at these winning entries from the  spring 2013 13th Annual Collectors Nationals that was held in IndianapolisIN.

Amateur mild
1st Larry Fanning – Rattle Trap1st Larry Fanning - Rattle Trap 2nd Chris Stangler – Blown Team Indy2nd Chris Stangler - Blown Team Indy

Amateur Spicy
1st Vernon Stamm – Rooster Tail & Puller1st Vernon Stamm - Rooster Tail & Puller 2nd J. Hartwick – Poison Ivy2nd J. Hartwick - Poison Ivy

Amateur Hot
1st Vernon Stamm – Steam Punk Dragster1st Vernon Stamm - Steam Punk Dragster 2nd Lance Crain – VW Special2nd Lance Crain - VW Special

Pro Mild
1st Bryan Pope – Hot Wheels DeliveryBryan Pope - Hot Wheels Delivery 2nd Joe Alvarado – Gas and Glow2nd Joe Alvarado - Gas and Glow

Pro Spicy
1st Bryan Pope – Flaming Cuda1st Bryan Pope - Flaming Cuda 2nd Hardy Adams – Up in Smoke2nd Hardy Adams - Up in Smoke

Pro Hot
1st Hardy Adams – Salt Flat Speedster1st Hardy Adams - Salt Flat Speedster 2nd Dan Atkins – Tough Customer2nd Dan Atkins - Tough Customer

Large Scale
1st Jim Stefano – Rat Rod1st Jim Stefano - Rat Rod 2nd Hardy Adams – 1/4 Mile Camaro2nd Hardy Adams - 14 Mile Camaro

1st Greg Chaudoin – Ram-arama1st Greg Chaudoin - Ram-arama 2nd Hardy Adams – Fritz’s Place2nd Hardy Adams - Fritz's Place

Honorable Mentions
J Hartwick – EnterpriseJ Hartwick - Enterprise Kate Rusch – EndangeredKate Rusch - Endangered

Best Paint
Bryan Pope – Hot Wheels Delivery1st Bryan Pope - Hot Wheels Delivery

Best Details
Vernon Stamm – Steam Punk Dragster1st Vernon Stamm - Steam Punk Dragster

Nationals Pick
Lance Crain – MadwienerLance Crain - Madwiener

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