Pop Culture First look

POP CULTURE  A new line for 2013 called POP CULTURE is replacing Nostalgic Brands. These are the first two series releases with the scheduled castings. Castings and selections can change. As a lover of Looney Tunes I was not dissapointed with first series of these cars.

– Spoiler Sport –  Nice choice of car and character combo with Marvin the Martian
– Dream Van – with Tweedy and Sylvester.
– Funny Money – I get it. It’s an Armor car to keep the TAZ locked-up
– Dairy Delivery – Best casting for the lead character Bugs Bunny
– ’69 Custom Volkswagen Squareback  – Still no respect for Daffy Duck
– ’10 Pro-Stock Camaro – Nice car with the first time metal base. I was thinking it should of been a Plymouth Road Runner.


MUPPETS: Coming soon
– ’59 Chevy Delivery
– ’34 Ford Sedan Delivery
– Dairy Delivery
– Baja Breaker
– 70’s Van
– Midnight Otto

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