Boulevards, Retro Entertainment and Flying Customs

Just received the latest round of adult line releases thanks to Ken over at A&J Toys. Look under 2013 assortments for pictures of the current models. Some of my favorites in this round are: ’32 Ford from American Graffiti From the Retro series, the Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon in the Boulevard series, and the ’73 Ford Gran Torino from the Flying Customs.

I was really intrigued with the color of the wagon, I thought it was an interesting color choice and wondered what color it was. As I was searching the net I came across a great  article on Hot Wheels® designer Jun Imai and is 510 wagon. It must be nice to design your own car into a Hot Wheels® car. My only disappointment about the Hot Wheels® version is that it doesn’t have the same deco as Jun’s. Maybe in the furture….

DSCN0369 DSCN0368DSCN0359

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