A closer look at the Dodge Viper RT/10

When the Dodge Viper RT/10 was first released in 1993 it was immediately popular with collectors.  On the first run of the First Edition the casting lines were a little rough around the edges and was immediately corrected on later releases. Now nearly 24 years later a retooled version is released in the 2017 mainlines in the Then and Now series #281. Quite a few notable changes include:

  • On the sides you can notice smaller wheels wells, an extended side pipes and detailed door lines.
  • On the top is a more detailed windshield, and a cleaner interior opening
  • The interior is looks the same but fits better to the opening
  • On the front there is a more proportionate grille, smaller hood vents, and less pronounced fog lights.
  • The rear end is flatter with more realism, with a smaller license plate holder and more details tail lights and bumper vents.
  • The base has some change but nothing to drastic.
  • It also a tad lighter weighing in at 36gms which is 1 gram lighter than the original.

Do these changes mean we can see a 25th Anniversary edition coming next year…

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