Tred Shredder – 58mm – 2012

This Malaysia made off-road racing bike has a metal body and base, with plastic handle bars and front fender.

 a. mf blue, metal base, white handlebars, red rider with blue off-road helmet and white “1” on back, white, silver, and blue design w/”1″ on sides, ormw. Motor Cycles $2 – 3
 b. dk. gray, metal base, yellow handlebars, yellow, silver, and black design on sides, ormwyw, Mal. X Games 5-pack (2014) 2 – NA
 c. satin green, metal base, black handlebars, yellow, white, red, and black design and “3” on sides, ormwyw, Mal. HW Off-Road – HW Moto #85 (2015) 1 – 2
 d. orange, metal base, orange handlebars, copper rider with orange off-road helmet and white “68” on back, gold, blue, and black Hot Wheels logo, “HW Speedway” and “68” on sides, ormwgd, Mal. Motor Cycles (2015) 1 – 3
 e. red, metal base, black handlebars, black, blue, orange and white stripes, “Tred Shredder” and a skull on sides, ormwrd, Mal. HW Moto #38 (2015) 1 – 2

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