Jack Hammer – 81mm – 2005

This Malaysia model of a custom station wagon has a plastic body, interior, including engines, grille, rear bumper with the Hot Wheels logo in the base, and windows with a metal base.

 a. mf gold, metal base, chrome int., tinted windows, white, purple and black design on roof and sides, cm6gy/bk. Acceleracers Metal Maniacs $10 – 15
a2. mf gold, as a, pink replaces purple in tampo, Acceleracers Metal Maniacs 10 – 15
 b. mf blue, cm6cl/ch-rim red tip axle, Acceleracers Realms (2006)15 – 30
b2. mf blue, as b, cm6cl/ch-rim red tip axle / cm6cl/ch-rim front Acceleracers Realms (2006) 15 – 30
Jack Hammer (c) c. mf purple, metal base, chrome int., blue windows, white, black, red, white and silver design with “Punky” Scott” and “77” on roof, decals, “77” and “Jackhammer” on sides, cm6gy/bk, Mal. Ultimate Racers 3-pack (2005) 10 – NA
Jack Hammer (d) d. gold chrome, metal base, gray int., clear windows, red and green flames on sides, pr5, Mal. Mardi Gras (2008) 2 – 4
Jack Hammer (e) e. lt green, metal base, chrome int. blue windows, blue, white and black dinosaur on sides, pr5, Mal. Trick Tracks Backbone Slide play set. (2008) 3 – NA
Jack Hammer (f) f. green, metal base, satin chrome int., orange windows, orange, black, and white design w/“14” and “Jack Hammer” on sides, sp5rd, Th. Demolition Derby 5-pack (2010) 2 – NA
Jack Hammer (g) g. black, metal base, gold chrome int., red windows, gray, red, blue, and white demolition derby design w/“01” on sides, sp5bu, Th. Demolition Derby 5-pack (2012) 2 – NA
Jack Hammer (h) h. lt. blue, metal base, red and gray int., yellow windows, orange, black, and white demolition derby design w/“68” on sides, sp5gy rear / sp5or front, Th. Attack Pack 5-pack (2012) 2 – NA
Jack Hammer (i) i. gray, gray base, tinted chrome int., yellow windows, gray, black, white, and blue flames, stripes, skull and “31” on top and size, hsw, Th. HW Race High-Speed Wheels #17 (2014) 4 – 10
Jack Hammer (j) j. red. metal base, black int., blue windows, black, white, blue, and yellow design w/”533″ on sides, sp5bu rear / sp5yw front, Th. Demolition Derby 5-pack (2015) 2 – NA
Jack Hammer (k) k. white, metal base, black int., red windows, black, silver, blue, and red flames, stripes and “66” on sides, sp5rd rear / sp5bk front, Mal. Stunt Circuit 5-pack (2016) 2 – NA
 l. green, mf red metal base, chrome int., red windows, gold and white flames on top and sides, “winter 2018” on sides, white os5rd, Indo. Winter #3 (2018) 1 – 2

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